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I help decision makers and other stakeholders have a positive relationship with data and technology at large by combining business knowledge, the power of data and the human perspective through design. From high-level projects, such as creating a strategy around data literacy, to product oriented solutions like designing a performance dashboard and the surrounding processes. The goal is making data more approachable and valuable.

<aside> 🛠 My toolbox consists of lots of design methodologies, all things digital and a formal education in Business Administration with emphasis in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


What we can do together

Talks & Training

Having access to the latest tools is important, but sometimes it's crucial to focus on people. I typically speak on three topics: (i) the impact of data on society and business, (ii) data visualization, and (iii) building an analytical culture within companies. I offer a range of presentation options, from quick TED-style talks to larger, multi-day training sessions on a particular subject.

Data product design

More often than not, a spreadsheet with all your data is not the best tool for making decisions. By combining skills such as data analysis, user research, and design thinking, we can ideate a product that leverages data to solve real-world problems and provide value to stakeholders.

Facilitation & workshops

Understanding the stakeholder needs is always better (and easier) when you actually include them in the process. By using methodologies like Design Thinking, we can provide a collaborative environment where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas, working together to co-create solutions.

Clients & Experience

I've helped big clients such as Telefonica Vivo and Santander, but also smaller ones like Rede Marista and others. Besides personal clients, I'm also at Cappra Institute working with Analytical Culture and Data Visualization. You can check more details and other work experiences on my LinkedIn.

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